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Do your Kids have too many toys?

Do your kids have too many toys?

Chances are, the answer is yes!


A 2021 study conducted by the 'Premium Joy Toy Company' discovered that the majority of children play with about 10 toys on average out of their whole toy collection. 

There are many other studies out there illustrating that children can focus better, use more creative, and develop a healthy imagination so much more when given less toy options in their homes.

In fact, too many toys can actually prove to be detrimental to a child's well being.

And yet, the average American home showcases much more than 10 toys per child. 


Every child is different and as their parent it is our job to foster healthy development and education for our kids, so that's not to say that if a child has more than 10 toys you are doing them a disservice. 

My focus today is to help you realize that simplifying our kids' toy choices may really benefit them....and bonus, it will certainly benefit you too!

Tidy Tips for Toys

There are some great solutions out there to simplify kids' toys in your home, but today I want to share 3 of my top tips.

1. Watch out for Knick-Knacks

If you got it from the dollar store or McDonalds, changes are it's not a toy that should stick around. Typically knick-knack toys last a few days before there's a loss of interest. Once your child loses interest, it's time to toss or donate it!

2. Pay Attention

Observe on a daily basis what toys your kids play with consistently. If a few weeks go by and they do not play with or ask about a certain toy(s), consider donating the item(s). 

*Note: If needed, you can also experiment with placing toy items in a temporary holding spot (like a high shelf or in the garage) to see if your children notice it gone. This will also give you a clear idea of what toys they prefer to play with. 

3. Broken/Damaged

I'm always amazed how many broken or damaged toys are still taking up space in family homes. If a toy is irreparable or not worth repairing, there is no reason to keep the item. Sentimental keepsakes that fall into this category may be kept if it holds special meaning, but make sure you question why you're keeping it.

*Note: Some kids may find letting go of toy items to be challenging for them, so start small. Pick a few items you feel they have little attachment too and explain why keeping the toys we actually play with is the best option. 

Share that toys can be donated to kids in need or families that are not able to afford a brand new toy. When donating, bring your kids along and discuss how good it feels to give to others. 

By teaching our children the joy that comes from giving to those in need, especially in our excess, we are teaching them a wonderful life lesson that will benefit them throughout their whole life.


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