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Dinner Drama?

Dinner time can create unnecessary drama...

Can't find the ingredients you need. 

Kids accidently ate the cheese you needed for that casserole. 

Don't remember what you were going to make for dinner.

Been there. Done that.

One tidy tip I have found to be helpful and to create less stress in my mindset around meal time, is to have a designated bin or shelf for your week's "Dinner Items". 

Each week as you plan your menu and get your groceries, select what items you need for your weekly dinners and place them in a labeled bin or shelf in your pantry. Fresh, perishable foods can also be placed in a bin, shelf or drawer in your fridge.

Let your family know that those items are meant for dinners that week and should not be eaten without permission.

As funny as this sounds, this simple prep step can save your brain from stressing and help you better prepare your meals, as well as save you time and energy when searching for ingredients. 

It's worth a try, right?!

I'd love to hear your feedback to see if it helps.

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