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Deep Shelving Solutions

Deep cabinets and shelving can be a fantastic resource for storage, but when used improperly, they can become breeding grounds for crammed clutter and disorganization.

So take a look below at some helpful tips to use those deep areas to your advantage.

Tidy Tips for Deep Storage Areas 1. Moveable Containers – Loose items shoved in the back become problematic fast, so always store items in easy to grab containers. My fav option: Home Edit large clear acrylic bins with handles. Click HERE to check out these containers. These containers are stackable, easy to see contents, and simple to move around with handles.2. Stack Em’ – Don’t be shy when it comes to utilizing as much storage space as possible. Many containers are stackable, creating not only more storage space for your items, but maximizing those deep shelves by seeing your items in the back even better when stacked. Click HERE to see my go-to stackable bins. PS- I usually use the open front bins on the bottom to grab items without having to move the stacked bin on top.3. Round n’ Round We Go -Give yourself a hand and try using a turntable tray to place items in deep areas. This makes it simple for you to circle items around so you can reach what you need without pulling out the entire container. Believe me, turntables may be one of your favorite storage options for those hard to reach places. Click HERE for the turntables I like to use.

4. Slide Baby, Slide – If you want to invest in some pull out sliding shelving, it’s a dream to have, but if you don’t want to spend the money investing in sliding drawer shelving, consider using a flat cookie tray. Items placed on a simple cookie tray make it easy to pull items closer to the front without having to shuffle things around in the way back. NOTE: Always use cookie sheets with a lip so items don’t slide off the tray.

5. Bulk in the Back -Deep cabinets can be handy for various reasons. For one, they are great places to store the extra bulk you don’t need to get to often. All your go-to items should be up front where they’re quick to grab and maintain, but your bulk items can be stored in the back since they’ll only need to be reached when restocking. Remember, use your logic when it comes to items’ locations, but bulk in the back is key!

6. Level Up -Tiered containers are super useful with deep shelving. We often use tiered containers with canned goods, but they can be used for many items, especially for those back shelving areas where it’s hard to see or reach items. Click HERE for an example.

No need to fear what lurks in the deep.  The deep is welcomed storage when used right!



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