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Could your home lose some weight?

Just like people, our homes gain “weight” year after year, holiday after holiday as it gains more and more items within its walls.

I love this concept, because just like someone wanting to lose weight by exercising, eating less and gaining healthy habits, our homes can be treated the same way!

Follow along on some fun concepts that may give you some inspiration to help your home lose “weight” and gain healthier maintenance habits.

Tidy Tips for Home Weight-Loss

1) Throw Out the Junk- Just like tossing any junk food we don’t want to eat, we do the same in our homes. Start gathering all the items you are ready to throw away and donate and declutter like crazy! With this, you’ll lose weight in a snap!

2) Stop Buying the Junk- While letting go of all the excess is great, the key is to not buy more and bring it into the house….just as you wouldn’t toss the bag of Cheetos, only to run to the store to buy more. Be conscientious of what you purchase. If it’s not worthy of a place in your home or aligns with your “weight loss” goals, don’t tempt yourself. Stop buying more. 

3) Test, Evaluate and Try Again- Just like any weight loss goal, it’s one thing to set the goal and even steps to accomplish it, but testing it out, seeing if it is working for you, and making changes when necessary are the same steps we take when helping our homes lose weight and become more manageable. 

Things like sticking to your grocery list, making your bed in the morning, setting consistent daily courtesy cleanups, hanging your clothes before laying in bed, and so on. It’s trying new things, creating habits and staying motivated to help you and your home live lighter and healthier.

So today, do 1 thing that will give your home a step in the right direction. Help your home not only lose weight, but keep it off for good. 

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.

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