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Cord Control

When it comes to technology, there’s no shortage of cords that come along with it all.

So, how do we get it all under control?

Here’s some helpful ideas…

Tidy Tips for Cord Control1. Gather all cords Search the house and collect ALL electronic cords. Yep, I mean ALL of them!

2. Do we even use this? Does it work? When in doubt, test it out! Make sure the cords are paired correctly with their tech items and, for heaven sake, make sure it actually works correctly when in use.

3. Bundle tight + label Keep cords bundled tightly by using a rubber band, zip-tie, large clip, or even toilet paper roll to contain cords nicely. Label with masking tape or label tab to identify cord and the item it’s paired with.

4. Contain + Location Store your cords in a container that’s convenient to get to. Everyday ‘go-to’ cords should be placed in convenient locations throughout your home. Other cords less-used can be stored in a logical place, like office drawer, hallway closet, etc.

You can gain control over the cord chaos… Remember, it’s the little steps we take that give us our freedom back!

– Katie


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