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Bringing the Rainbow Indoors

There is something about adding color and freshness to our homes that creates an atmosphere of fun and brightness. 

When organizing our spaces, use all the variety of colors in your clothing, shoes, books and decor to create your own colorful rainbows.

Tidy Tips for Organizing with Colors

1) Books- Create your own rainbow book shelf, by grouping books together by color. Start on one side and move from darker to light or create any variation you’d like to make your own rainbow effect. This not only looks inviting, but helps kids learn how to put books away by color, helping them maintain it better.  

2) Clothing/Shoes- Just like books, clothing can be grouped together in colors and shades. I personally organize my clothing like this and love walking in to see my variety of colors grouped together. I like to always have darker to light colors move from left to right.  You can store your shoes this way as well.  

3) Pillows/Throws- I always encourage buying neutral furniture pieces and accenting them with pops of color! It’s amazing what a difference a bright throw blanket or accent pillow can add to a neutral-colored sofa or chair. If you love to switch up your accent decor, have a bin where you can rotate your seasonal pillows/throw blankets each new season!

4) Clear Containers- I love clear containers for many reasons, but one thing I love about them is how they add color from the items contained in them. I usually put my colorful items to the front of my clear containers to gives a fun pop of color in my closets. 

5) Flower it Up- It’s Spring and one of the best times of year to grab a few fresh bouquets of your fav springtime flowers. Placing a few fresh bouquets around your home instantly brings the outdoors in. 

Adding more color to your home doesn’t require anything major. Look around you and see how you can add some fun, colorful variety to your home’s organization and style.

We all could use more rainbows in our day. Create away!


Your Simply Home LLC.


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