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BEWARE of Loose Items!

Beware of Mystery Loose Items! 

Halloween may be right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean your house has to give you a fright!

Loose miscellaneous items can create problems in your home, especially in your drawers.

Open up one of your kitchen or bathroom drawers and before seeing what’s inside, you may hear some items rolling around in there. Eek!

Items that don’t have a specific place to hold them can create unnecessary clutter and chaos in drawers.

So here’s some fun and simple ways to take care of those loose items:

Tidy Tips for Loose Drawer Items

  1.  Always ask first, “Does this item belong here?” If not, toss it or find where it should be stored.

  2. Is the item large? Larger items don’t necessarily need a container, but items with cords should be wrapped with a rubber band or large clip to keep cords contained and help the item stay in one place.

  3. Is the item small? Smaller items like pens, paper clips, hair clips or flossers are meant to be in contained. Be creative and use what you have at home to store same category of items together in your drawer.

  4. What about kitchen utensils? These are best stored in drawer organizers where they can fit neatly in slots and with other similar utensils.

  5. Hint: If buying drawer organizers, make sure you measure your drawer first to ensure it fits. Not all drawer organizers are the same. Know what items will be stored and what kind of organizer you need before buying. 

Say BOO to loose items! Okay! I’m done with all the fun Halloween jargon…couldn’t help myself. Hehe.



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