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Bathroom Drawer Organizing

Drawers can be breeding grounds for untamed clutter, especially when items don’t have a container to sit in. This is especially true for bathroom drawers since there are multiple items needing storage, but can be varied by category.

So, here’s a few guidelines to help you as you organize your bathroom.

Tidy Tips for Bathroom Drawers

1) Pull out ALL bathroom items in drawers. Don’t do it one drawer at a time. 2) Declutter the excess! Discard any unwanted items. Hint: You probably don’t need 4 different body lotions, so only keep what you really use and want. 3) Categorize items based on your routine and purpose. This is really important! Items you use in the morning verses at night should be grouped accordingly and make logical and convenient sense. You could even assign one drawer or container for your morning items and one for your nightly items. 4) Remove Packaging! Get it out of the bag, box or package and place in a container. This not only saves on space, but is more appealing and functional. 5) Use drawer containers and separators to keep items in place and maintainable. Getting drawer organizers make a huge impact and help keep things in order. 6) Bulk bathroom items should be stored in another location. Example: Bought a 10-pack of toothpaste from Costco? Just store one toothpaste in the drawer and the rest in another container and closet to replenish when needed. 7) Separate his and her items if you can. Using your own ‘His and Her’ tote bins or designating certain drawers or shelves for a specific person’s things will promote better maintenance and less frustration for couples. 8) Roll, stack or lay? Depending on the item, have some fun as you try different positions to store them. Example: I roll my towels, I lay my makeup brushes and I stack my Q-tips in their containers. 9) Ask, Does this make sense? Storing items should be logical and convenient for you and your daily routine. 10) Test it out! The way to keep things maintained is to create a system that works. If it’s challenging finding items, putting them back or keeping it maintained, then don’t be afraid to try something else, move things around or create a new location for items.

Start today and create a system that works for you! Your bathroom drawers are ready for it



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