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All I want for Christmas is…


Are you thinking the same thing?

After years and years of toys and gadgets, I have found ways to lessen the consumption and fill our Christmas day gifts with more experiences and memory moments.

Before planning my Christmas gifts, I love to ask myself some questions to gain clarity on what I’d like to give. Questions such as:

1) Is this something this person would really appreciate or enjoy? 2) Is this a need or a want? 3) Do I want to be apart of this gift and make it a memory/experience with me? 4) Does this gift need to be bought or can I create it myself? 5) Will this gift most likely add more clutter and eventually be tossed? Or kept and enjoyed long-term? 6) What is an experience this person has mentioned that they’d love to do?

There’s plenty more questions you can ask, but can you see how it begins to change the way you think about gift-giving? The focus is on the person, not the item itself.

And isn’t that the point? When we focus on meaningful expressions of love and gratitude to others, we find the stress melt away from solely buying gifts and more excitement in giving something we know they’ll appreciate.

And just to spurn some ideas, click HERE for “99 Clutter-Free Gift Ideas” from

Cheers to More Clutter-Free Holidays… and Even Better Ways to Give Meaningful Gifts.

-Katie  Owner/Certified Professional Organizer Your Simply Home LLC.

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