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A Simple Hack

Today’s tidy tip is as simple as ever, but one of my favorite go-to organization hacks.

It’s called ‘Museum Gel’ and I use it in a variety of ways when organizing my clients’ homes. 

How to Use Museum Gel

1) Under corners of containers to prevent shifting around, this is especially useful in drawers with small containers. 2) Under section drawer dividers to keep them in place. Place a small dot of gel under divider to keep from moving. 3) Under drawer or shelf liner material to keep them in place or rippling up. 4) Under display china, figurines or other décor displays. 

The great thing about this museum gel is it’s clear, does not leave any sort of residue or stickiness, can easily be removed and reused over again, only takes a small amount to do the job, and is inexpensive.

Buy some HERE!

*Nope, I’m not an affiliate with @TheContainerStore…just a BIG FAN!

Museum Gel VIDEO

But, don’t take my word for it… Give it a try and see if you love this hack as much as I do!

-Katie  Owner/Certified Professional Organizer Your Simply Home LLC.

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