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5-Minute Toss Items

Guess what?

Decluttering your home can feel overwhelming, so here's an easy way to start decluttering your home with just a few minutes a day of discarding the following items:

5 Minute Easy Toss Items

  1. Expired Medications: Check your medicine cabinet for any expired medications and dispose of them properly.

  2. Old Spices and Herbs: Spices lose their flavor over time. If you have old spices or herbs, it might be time to replace them.

  3. Worn-out Shoes and Clothing: If your shoes or clothing are beyond repair, worn, torn, stained, and no longer enjoyable to wear, then it's time to let go. 

  4. Expired Food in the Pantry: Check your pantry for any expired canned goods or non-perishable items.

  5. Damaged or Outdated Electronics: Dispose of old electronic devices that are no longer functional or relevant.

  6. Expired Toiletries: Check your bathroom for expired toiletries such as lotions, shampoos, makeup or creams.

  7. Single-use Plastic Bags: Reduce plastic waste by getting rid of excess single-use plastic bags.

  8. Dried-up Paint: If you have cans of paint that have dried up, dispose of them properly.

  9. Outdated Magazines and Newspapers: Clear out old magazines and newspapers to declutter your space. Cut out magazine/newspaper clips that you want to keep.

  10. Broken or Unused Kitchen Appliances: If you have kitchen appliances that are broken or haven't been used in ages, consider letting them go.

  11. Dried-up Pens and Markers: If your pens and markers are no longer writing, it's time to throw them away.

  12. Broken or Chipped Dishes: If you have dishes, cups, or mugs that are broken or chipped, toss them.

  13. Broken Hangers: If you have broken or mismatched hangers, it's an easy decision to toss or donate them.

  14. Junk Mail: Dispose of unwanted and unnecessary mail immediately to declutter. Toss junk mail right in the trash as you go through your daily mail.

  15. Unused or Expired Coupons: If you have coupons that have expired or you won't use, don't hesitate to throw them away.

An important note is to make sure to recycle or dispose of items responsibly, especially when it comes to electronics, medications, and hazardous materials.

The best way to get started is to pick one of the items off the list and set a timer for 5-10 minutes. Only focus on that small category and start discarding any items from that small category that is no longer useful, needed, has served its purpose, is in poor condition, or past its expiration date. 

Just 5 minutes a day, keeps the clutter away!


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