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From Chaos to Calm

Your spaces beautifully organized and uniquely you.

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An organized home is possible with your busy lifestyle

Whether it’s decluttering, organizing, labeling, unpacking, storage design, or styling, Simply Home has you covered.


We prioritize functionality, style, and your personal needs to make sure every space is organized exquisitely but also maintainable.

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Customized services designed to help you take control of your space effortlessly

Imagine returning to a clutter-free home after a hectic workday, where everything has a  place, and your mind is free to focus on what truly matters. With Simply Home, we do the work, so you can enjoy what you love most.  


We create personalized storage solutions and organization systems that are maintainable, while elevating your home’s style.


In other words, we organize, so you can do you!

how can we help?

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Tidy Tips

Get weekly tips and resources on keeping your home organized. From our inbox to yours!


Virtual Program

Learn our signature organization process from anywhere. Designed with the DIY woman in mind.

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Check out our packages tailored for the busy career woman who wants her time and mental clarity back.

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meet katie

Katie Frantz was raised in North Idaho and is blessed to raise her own children in the beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho area. She is friendly, fresh and fun and has created a new spin to life-long organization that not only creates order in your living spaces, but helps simplify every aspect of your life.

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Abby D.

We had a great experience working with Katie. I had a few rooms in my house that I just hadn’t had time or energy to deal with and she worked her magic and made them incredible, organized spaces that now give me peace instead of anxiety. I’d use her again in a heartbeat!

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When it comes to organizing, it's the little things that make the biggest difference.

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