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New Year. New You!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with your loved ones!

As we approach a new year, I'd like to share a different approach to New Year's resolutions that you may find beneficial. 

Years ago, I found that I was not gaining much success in my New Year's resolutions, because I set too many goals and like many people, if I wasn't seeing results shortly after setting my goal, I would just give up all together.

Goals are meant to help us. To guide us in becoming better.

So, here's 3 new approaches I am starting as I head into the new 2024 year that I hope will help us in our mindset moving forward.

New Approaches to a New Year

A Focal Word

Instead of writing a list of goals, think of one word that you'd like to focus on to shape your new year ahead. Examples such as: Determination, Focus, Gratitude, Strength, and Adventurous. By using a focal word, you are using the power of your mindset to achieve the outcome you're wanting. The eye sees what the mind looks for.

Do More of

The checklist of goals can be daunting and can contribute to many of us giving up. So try writing on a piece of paper something you'd like to do 'more of' this year. For example, I'm focusing on doing more personal exercise this year. I'm not going to beat myself up with how many days or how much time I spend working out. My goal is to focus on exercising more and making it apart of my daily life.

Do Less of

The same goes for what you want to do 'less of'. Examples could be, less time on your phone or social media, less sugar, less spending, or less clutter. Whatever you choose, by working towards doing less of something, you are creating more awareness in your mind of what you'd like to decrease in your life. 

Consistency over Time

Something that I'm learning as I set goals is that it's more important for me to be consistent in my new habit, than how much time I spend doing it. For example, if I want to exercise more. The goal for me is to try and make exercise a daily habit, so even if I spend 10 minutes on a walk, that's better for me than to nix it all together if I don't have 30 minutes that day to do a full workout. Consistency is key to any sustainable change.

These less demanding approaches to your new year is meant to create a more empowering way to achieving a better you, without setting too harsh of lines. If time and dates help you in your goals, then set them, but remember, it's your mindset that will be your anchor as you fuel these positive changes.


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