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Learn from the Past, Don’t Live in it

It’s time to celebrate one year gone and another one ahead!

A new year for many brings feelings of past regret and welcomed excitement.

A quote I love to remind myself of is to “Learn from the past, but DON’T live in it.”

I love that our past shapes us and helps us learn from the experiences we’ve had, yet how often do we still continue to live from our past self?

If there’s one thing I’m learning as I age, it is to learn to let go of my past mistakes and shortcomings, and empower myself with tools to keep trying to live the life I desire. To live from my future self.

It’s not easy. In fact, it’s harder to do, but I believe it will truly create what we want in life when we keep moving forward to shape what we want in life.

Start this new year with a fresh set of eyes! Learn from your past as it helps you shape your future.

This is what makes REAL. LASTING. CHANGE. 

Want to live more simply? Create more time to do what you love? Set and achieve your goals? Build stronger relationships with others?

Start small. Be consistent. And most importantly, keep moving forward.

Look out 2023! This is about to be your BEST YEAR YET.

-Katie  Owner/Certified Professional Organizer Your Simply Home LLC. CLICK BELOW to Watch “Your Future Self” Webinar Class from our Library!


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