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Home refresh please?

Have you ever bought yourself a fun new accessory or pair of shoes that gave you a little refresh?

It feels good to have something new and fresh to wear.

Just like us, our homes could use a little refresh once in a while.

For example, I just recently noticed how all my hand and bath towels were getting so worn. They were no longer soft or vibrant.

So, I decided to let them go and give my home a little refresh!

I bought new sets of Turkish hand and bath towels from Amazon.

They are fun, soft and perfect for our needs.

In just minutes, that quick refresh was exactly what my home needed.

And as a side note, Turkish towels dry twice as fast and take up less space since they’re a thinner material…just sayin’ 😉

Tidy Tips for a Home Refresh

1) Look Around- Take a quick inventory of the condition of some items in your home and jot down a few things that may need to be replaced, repaired or removed from your home.

2) Keep it Simple- Don’t go crazy and spend hundreds on a shopping spree. Pick one or two things that you think would give your home a nice refresh.

Here’s some examples: -Entry rug -Oven mitts – Spatula – Bedroom curtains -Sofa throw pillows -Fresh house plant -Front door wreath -Shower curtains -Hand/bath towels -Bins for toys -Tupperware set -Etc.

3) Keep a Running List- I love to make a list of things to refresh my home with. Every month I pick 1-2 things and cross them off my list as I go. 

4) You’re not adding more, you’re enhancing more- It’s important to remember that refreshing does not entail buying more things to add to your home. Refreshing is replacing or renewing something old and worn, with something new and fresh. Always let go of an unused item when replacing with something new. 

Let’s hit up that refresh button and feel the good that comes when we do!

-Katie  Your Simply Home LLC.

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