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Creating a Balanced Shelf

When you have the answer, will you let me know? Still workin’ on that one. 😉

And while I may not have all the answers for creating a perfectly balanced life, I can give you some handy tips when it comes to organizing a well-balanced shelf.

Tips for a Balanced Shelf

1. Balance the Weight Every item has a physical and visual weight. When it comes to placing containers, plants, decor and various items on a shelf, make sure that the weight placement looks about equal on each side of the shelf. A shelf with too large and “heavy-looking” objects on one side can really throw off the balanced look you want, so try to create an equal balance with weight.

2. Create 2-3 Different Textures When it comes to containers, I always use 2 to 3 variations of material to add that diversity and congruency to the shelf. If you’re using a lot of clear or plastic containers, maybe consider adding a fabric or woven bin in the mix that compliments, but adds different textures to your shelf. This adds visual appeal and stimulation to a shelf.

3. Stick with Odd Numbers It may seem strange to work with odd numbers when wanting to create a balanced look, but when it comes to adding decor to enhance a shelf, adding items in groups of 1, 3 and 5 are best. Remember to not overcrowd the shelf and when adding items, make sure items have a cohesive, balanced look.

4. Give it some Pop No one wants a boring look, so adding small pops of color really help take your shelf to the next level. Even something as simple as a small, green plant or a colored bin can add enhancement. When using clear containers, move the brightly colored items closer to the front of your clear bins. And never hesitate to group items by color if you want to give it that fresh, rainbow look…that’s always a fun touch!

5. Play Around with Placement Lastly, before I ever place items into containers and finalize my labeling, I make sure to do what pro organizers call, “product placement” beforehand. What this looks like is playing around with the particular placement of your containers, decor, and items on your shelves to make sure the shelving looks attractive, balanced, cohesive and simple. If it looks too heavy weight-wise on one side or need pops of color, you can add, take away, and move things around before you finalize where everything goes and place items in their containers.

So, get on those yoga pants and create your balanced shelf! Namaste, my friend. – Katie


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