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Brain Dump Exercise

We use “The Model” to create new pathways of thinking to create the results we really want. We also use this tool to bring clarity to the thoughts we’re thinking and how it’s affecting our feelings, actions, and results. When we’re ready to change our thoughts to ones that influence more productive, positive behaviors we do something called a “brain dump” to get us there.

Our minds are constantly full of differing thoughts that having to just pick one that we want to focus on sometimes feels impossible.

Incorporating regular “brain dumps” is an effective way to sift through all our thoughts so that we can plug it into our model and start taking action to create the results we want in life.

Use this resource as a helpful guide to start “brain dumping” and get what’s going on in your head, down on paper. 

Check it out here:

This process is not only super helpful when using “The Model”, but is also very therapeutic as you clear your head and take some action on your thinking to move forward in your journey to becoming better.

Let it all out, my friend! 


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